Sherry Rajaniemi-Gregg

Sherry Rajaniemi-Gregg


Sherry Rajaniemi-Gregg has more than a decade of experience in special education law on behalf of parents and their children, including vast litigation experience in state and federal courts with federal civil rights violations committed by public school districts as a result of students’ abuse by school personnel or peers, including bullying, harassment, or hazing.

Attorney Gregg possesses extensive experience in special education law, having practiced for many years in the Special Education & Disability Rights Law group at Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP in Boston. She initially trained as a child and family therapist, and is a graduate of Boston University School of Law. Attorney Gregg has been named as a Rising Star among attorneys in Massachusetts by Super Lawyers.

As a mother of two children diagnosed with special needs, she believes firmly in the power of public education, having assisted with the matter of Hancock v. Commissioner of Education, 443 Mass. 428, 822 (2005), which was the successor to the original education reform case, McDuffy v. Secretary of the Executive Office of Education, 415 Mass. 545,(1993). Together, McDuffy and Hancock established the state constitutional standards against which education reform in Massachusetts is judged.

Not every child can receive an appropriately tailored education within the public school system, however, so Attorney Gregg has devoted her practice to assisting and guiding families through the special education process from determinations of eligibility, to IEP development, to representation at the Bureau of Special Education Appeals in order to help parents achieve their goal of ensuring that their children receive appropriate educations tailored to each child’s unique needs, whether that can be accomplished within the public school setting or through an out-of-district placement at a private school.

Another area of deep concern to Attorney Gregg is the violation of students’ civil and other federal and state rights. Her experience in federal and state courts includes representing children with disabilities who have been abused by school personnel, whose bullying or harassment was not addressed properly by public school districts, and those who have been otherwise discriminated against on the basis of gender or race, as well as litigation against public school districts that have fostered an environment for hazing to occur.

Attorney Gregg is also an educator. She has taught for many years for Boston University’s Center for Professional Education as an instructor in its Paralegal Studies (Litigation and Real Estate) and Professional Investigation (The Law and the Professional Investigator) programs.