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Help for Families

Special Education

At the heart of every special education case is a child who is struggling. Families need attorneys who understand both the legal and emotional aspects of special education law – and who will help resolve problems instead of creating them.

Student Disability Rights

Our firm has decades of combined experience, including vast litigation experience in state and federal courts, helping to ensure that children with special needs receive the protections to which they are entitled.

Effective Strategy, Personalized.

Every case, like every student, is unique which is why a one-size-fits-all approach does not work.

From the Start

We start with an intake call, so we can better understand the facts, and help determine next steps with you. Our intake calls are thorough, and you will talk with the attorney that you want to work with from the start. From there we will develop a comprehensive strategy to move forward. As your case progresses, we make ourselves available to you throughout the process.

Through the Resolution

In special education matters often a collaborative approach that preserves a family’s relationship with their school district is optimal. In other cases, successful resolution can only occur through formal litigation. No matter what approach your case requires, we understand that when all the technical terms are stripped away, there is a child who needs help.